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Say No To Corruption -  a samudaaya campaign

Say No To Corruption

Dear Friends,

We are glad to inform you that Samudaya is embarking on a State wide Cultural Jatha against corruption and price rise from 15th May to 28th May 2011. Jatha comprises of display of cartoons by eminent cartoonists appeared in news papers, distribution of literature, street plays, poets’ meet, seminar, songs and of course, speech.

We furnish here below the details of Jatha passing through different places of our State. As you see there are two Jathas one starting from Dharwad and the other from Bidar both culminating at Bangalore.

With greetings,

Yours sincerely,
(T Surendra Rao)
General Secretary

Route Map is here…

1. Have ZERO tolerance for corruption at high places and price-rise
2. If we see, hear corrupt practices, we will speak out
3. Support and protect whistleblowers against corruption in all organizations including corporates
4. Use RTI to expose corruption in all organizations
5. Refuse to sell vote for notes or other allurements
6. Refuse to vote to a candidate whose assets significantly increased after a term
7. Utilize all avenues to participate in policy-making and oversseing of public programs

1. A comprehensive effective Lokpal Bill by this August 15 drafted with public consultation
2. Teeth to Karnataka Lokayukta including cabinet ministers in the jurisdiction and suo moto powers
3. Resignations of all accused in the recent scams – 2G, Commonwealth, Karnataka Mine and landscams
4. time-bound action and speedy conviction of accused in recent scams
5. RTI to be extended to private organisations including corporates
6. Protection of Whistleblowers Bill
7. Ban on Forward trading of essential commodities
8. Reduction of indirect taxes on Petroleum products
9. Strict action on Black-marketeers and hoarders of essentials
10. Universalisation of PDS
11. Implementation of Swaminathan Commission recommendations (2005) to make Agriculture viable

If we see, hear anything about CORRUPTION, we will speak out

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Barkha Dutt tainted by Radia Tapes was not allowed to cover Anna Hazare fast.